The Workplace Terrorist, is a vehicle Lucy Sims use to get people excited about their job, their life, etc. After the world has suffered so many catastrophic events, Lucy took these experiences and developed a motivational tool using the air plane flight to give people the look at what can happen if we allow terror in our work place, or in our life. We don’t think much about how we are affected by the negative actions of others and how this is a type of terror in our life. With today’s economy in the state that it is in. Lucy feels that if anyone has a job, it is in their best interest to keep it unless it is causing harm to you or someone else.
Terror is a serious thing at any time. Lucy Sims wants you to explore this behavior in your every day life. Try thinking of dealing with negative people as dealing with a terrorist. As over exaggerated as this may sound, the negative effects that a negative person can have on our lives can cause life long damage.
The Passport to Sims’ Flight will lead you through the highs and lows of an airplane flight. No matter what you do in life this principle can be applied. Think of terrorism as something to get rid of and something to never be around you, your workplace, your home, etc. This poignant fact will make a drastic change in how we view negative people and how they can affect our every day life.
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