Clark D Stuart's distinguished career as an officer in the U.S. Navy SEAL community included being the Advanced Training Officer and Scout Sniper Instructor for the Navy's elite counter terrorism unit. These experiences gave him an insight into the different training and learning methodologies applied by individuals working towards the attainment of their goals. Clark discovered that there were distinct and identifiable differences between those who succeeded and those who did not in this demanding arena. There were specific principles applied by some individuals that made them more successful than others. These principles could be learned and applied by anyone who had a desire to excel. These insights enabled him to identify and develop a five-step program that made the difference between success and failure in any skill that SEALs were tasked to perform. Those individuals who pursued their goals employing this process with near fanatical fervor were consistently recognized as the best in their fields. Battlefield to Boardroom is a blueprint of the five-step process and presents those elements that contributed to the success or failure of any goal achievement. What Clark discovered is that when applied, it can work in any walk of life for anyone that desires to achieve their dreams.
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