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Dogs think my yard is the ocean and they are in submarines.
They sneak in, launch their torpedoes, and get away.

While he has to watch where he steps, Dr. John Wong loves pets. In Toby: Natural Therapy Pet, he recounts adventures with his dogs Toby and Freckles, cats Maya and Bella, and bunny Brownie.

A few years ago, his life changed when Dr. Wong suffered a rare medical disorder. But he did not feel angry and bitter about his fate. He did not wallow in self-pity. He has tried to be upbeat. Pets have helped him find the bright and joyous side of life.

Through these fun and amusing adventures with his dogs, cats and rabbit, readers will see how loyal animal friends can help them through difficult times. These anecdotes provide valuable life lessons.

The stories are real.
Only the names have been changed to protect the unleashed.
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ISBN: 9781481701945
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