Teenage nursing-home aide Angil Tarach-Ritchey’s discovery of a resident’s old love letters altered her view of elderly patients and inspired a 30-plus year long career of advocating for quality elder care. Drawing upon decades of experience and her interviews with seniors, the author provides an overview of aging and elder care in the U.S., reveals the rich inner worlds of the elderly, conveys their advice to those who will become senior citizens, and describes her vision of a community-based, intergenerational, and sustainable approach to elder care. A must read for anyone who works with, is related to, or is acquainted with someone advancing in years. “A remarkable book illustrating the difficulties facing our seniors today, compelling the reader towards empathy and providing a unique solution to what may be the next major public healthcare debate…the rising cost of caring for our older generations.” - Vesper Patrick, Director of Content Development, NurseTogether
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