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Set in the aftermath of Bordering On Hatred, John Overland has been hired by the Tohono O'odham Reservation outside of Tucson, Arizona, for one reason: find the person that tried to smuggle a bomb across its borders. It doesn't matter that he knows he will be fired as soon as he has that answer. John isn't Native American and that alone is enough for the tribe to fire him once he does what they ask of him.
It starts innocently enough with a dead duck jammed into the window of John's pickup one morning in October. That leads him to a man who lives in Tucson, a man who is pimping his wife's niece. Going to talk to the man, John discovers him dead. That death will lead him to answers about himself, his country and the reservation he has sworn to protect.
They are all here: John, Kathy-his pregnant wife, Speaker and Dorinda-his daughters, plus his son, Josh and his wife, Simone. They are his reason for doing this. In the end, he will find there are other reasons for loyalty. Those reasons will propel him to find the answers for the O'odham and for himself.
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