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Engaging and insightful, The No Nonsense Pain and Illness Survival Guide integrates new perspectives and ideas that will assist the reader’s healing and recovery. Michael develops his themes quickly and delivers them with simplicity and clarity. His warm, conversational tone speaks with the authority of experience ... he has personally met the challenge of two long-term medical conditions. He presents his material in a way that makes it an encouraging and solution-oriented reference. Michael’s extensive professional training includes Eastern and Western healing traditions from Medical Qigong to Biofeedback. This infuses his book with a comprehensive approach that is at once spiritual and practical. It inspires the determination and persistence required to meet the challenges of long-term pain and illness. The No Nonsense Pain and Illness Survival Guide is a synthesis of book and workbook… rich in straightforward advice, complemented by easily practiced techniques. Michael will help you understand the process of change in a way that will equip you to reclaim and enhance joy and satisfaction in your daily routine. You’ll find yourself giving this book to family and friends to read as well!
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9780595721108
List price: $6.00
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