"Love will lead us home." -- This message was emblazoned in gold letters on the blue tee-shirts worn by a group of teenagers that walked past Marcus on the sidewalk.
Marcus Augustine was not a man who was easily distracted. Even though he was in the middle of a mission, Marcus paused for a few moments as he read the message on the high school students' shirts.
The picture on the shirts depicted three travelers on horseback, perhaps they were knights, as they rode toward a holy city illuminated by a glowing cross.
It reminded Marcus of a purer, truer, better time of his life. For those few moments, it reawakened and renewed all of his hopes.

In this suspense thriller, Marcus Augustine and another highly-skilled sniper go head-to-head against each other. Only one of these two men can walk away alive.
The police and FBI attempt to stop a sinister conspiracy involving biological warfare.
Surprising plot twists add to the fun of reading this novel.
"Everything is Not as It Seems" is the title of one chapter. This chapter title could aptly be applied to the entire book.
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ISBN: 9780595631889
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