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Finally, the definitive story of the 2016 presidential election and the inside-the-beltway details about the falsely convicted rapist who seeks the Republican nomination and the political operative whose overweening ambition to be First Lady has such momentous consequences, both intended and unintended.

The unfortunately named Baudelaire seems the least likely of presidential candidates. To Jezy Vici, however, the National Sex Offender Registry is merely another means to increase name recognition. Via a hilarious cascade of dirty tricks, chutzpah, and strategic masterstrokes, she guides her lover through his election to Congress. In the Republican presidential debates, he is the only candidate to present a coherent program to help the economy, create jobs, and reduce political polarization, but when he shoves an opponent, who falls breaking his coccyx, Baud’s campaign takes off. With wing-nut billionaires targeting him, evangelicals convinced he’s the Antichrist, and a Democratic congresswoman, married to Jezy’s ex-fiancé, pressuring him to switch parties, Baud comes up with a scheme too reckless even for Jezy.
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