A beautiful, free-spirited psychotherapist, Polish-born Natalie tires of her dull English husband, David, and desires to divorce him. Having fled her abusive first husband, whom she still loves, Natalie has fulfilled her dreams of impressing him by obtaining both a new career and a wealthy spouse, yet satisfaction strangely lurks just out of her grasp. Dark thoughts begin to stray into and eventually consume her mind, and Natalie begins her journey into realizing her forbidden desires of sexual revenge and murder.
Krystyna Stevenson’s provocative new novel What’s the Truth? boldly explores the sensuality and brutality of the new feminism in a cross-cultural environment, shattering its myths, outlining its strengths, and detailing its place and effect upon romance. Repressed for years under the imposition of male will, deceit, and cruelty, Natalie embarks on a path of self-discovery in which she finds in her own sexuality an instrument of pleasure and the method of implementing the destruction of her antagonists.
A haunting caricature of contemporary attitudes and sexual mores, Krystyna Stevenson’s erotically charged psycho-thriller probes with an all-too-deft hand the baser instincts that emerge in men and women when the traditional lines between professional and sexual roles become blurred. As it subtly plays upon our deeply rooted subconscious fantasies and fears, What the Truth? swells with suspense and intrigue in compelling men and women alike into an uncomfortable reexamination of their world, themselves, and each other.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466973916
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