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The Other Side of the Story

Growing up, I didn’t have the best relationship with my Father. It’s ironic to me…how writing this book came about.
When I was a child, I couldn’t see, in my “little eyes” the love my father had for his children. I could only see a Father that wanted to “keep us from life”.
Listening to his side of the story helps me to realize that it wasn’t “life” that he was keeping us from but the “world” and “worldly things”.
My Father wasn’t much of a talker back then, as a matter of fact, there was very little talk, especially when it came to “who he was and what he had done in life”.
Writing his story gave me a lot of information and answers to questions I had.
The “why…what…where…when…and how” was answered and explained.
One of the things I admired most of his story was how…if he could do it again…he would do some of the things he done differently. He saw/sees his mistakes. We all have those moments where we wished we could “turn back the hands of time”.
Most of all, what I like about his story is…where he gave his life to the Lord. I see old men on the street daily. I think…”that could have been my Father”.
How I am grateful that my Father accepted Jesus and his “Lord” and “Savior”.
I now understand in my “big eyes” my Father might not have been “this” or “that” but he was the “main” thing…A FATHER.
I’m proud of my Father and Mother and I’m blessed to have had BOTH of them in my life.

Doris C. Smith
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ISBN: 9781477297919
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