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“BUY IT. READ IT. PISS YOURSELF.”- Anson Mount (Star of AMC’s Hell on Wheels)
FARGO - where a day seems like a week, a week like a year and a bullet to the brain like a blessing. A place where people hope their weeknight bowling leagues will improve a little each year, enjoy living in the midst of rainbow sherbet and the chance at a “Bingo” every weekend. Unbelievable as it sounds, at age twenty-three, Fargo native Scott Nankivel decides he wants more. As the dreamer packs up his Dodge Dart and heads down Main Street for Los Angeles, he reflects on the youth he spent in small-town America. He shares stories about his gaseous, bingo-obsessed mother, who tried to cure his latent bedwetting with electric shock; the local prostitute, whose services could be secured with a shiny quarter; and the Lutheran minister’s son who decided to become a woman.Nankivel offers an amusing and heartfelt glimpse into the zany characters who shaped him into the “man” he is today. He revels in the memories of Fargo and its people and ultimately realizes they’ve permeated his heart forever. If the Coen brothers put the town on the map, he plans to take it back off.
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ISBN: 9781475962246
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