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This book is a timeless story of universal truth not only for children, but the child in all of us, that leaves us with a feeling of unlimited human potential, hope and connection to all things great and small. The illustrations done by the author's nieces and nephews are fascinating and innovative as they come from the unfettered minds of children for the viewing of children.

This book celebrates the similarity of all people and life forms not their separateness. The fact we are diverse yet all connected evokes compassion, respect and tolerance as a natural response. In today’s world it is essential to understand the concept of being diverse yet the same. This understanding raises the conciousness of our most important resource - the minds and hearts of our children, thus ensuring the survival of our planet, ourselves and all species. The author states," Our focus on separateness is creating wars, torture, genocide, global warming, and the destruction of the planet with all it's other life forms. The good news is that by changing our conciousness, we change our thoughts and choices of behavior, thereby creating a world we desire."

Children will love this book because of their open minds and love of colorful illustrations. Any parent who wishes serenity for their children and the world will find this book a cornerstone and valuable teaching tool. They'll love the illustrations too! Educators will be able to teach respect, compassion, and tolerance for the planet, each other and our mother earth.
This book will uplift the minds, hearts and souls of anyone who reads it.
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ISBN: 9781477165829
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