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What has happened to the America that we once knew and loved? Have you ever sat and drank coffee with friends and the discussion turned to the topic of society and just how bad it’s gotten in this great nation of ours? Have you looked at churches and been troubled with what you’ve seen? Who better to examine issues within the church, than an ordained minister? Are you troubled by the immorality that has run rampant in society? Talk about putting a bandage on a broken leg. Ever think to yourself, “Who is REALLY to blame for the immoral nation that has become, America?” Well this is the book for you. Will A. Humber takes a no-nonsense approach to answering the tough questions. In God Blessed America, the curtain is ripped back, to reveal the true motivation behind the Feminist Movement and how the Sexual Revolution has desecrated families and homes for the past 40 years. Tough topics like abortion, sex, homosexuality, corrupt and immoral churches, failing families and ineffective Christians are just some of the issues that are addressed in this powerful and hard hitting book. All of these issues are dealt with from a Biblical perspective. Could the time period the Bible refers to as the “End Times,” be just around the corner? YOU be the judge.
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