From Geneva, Tokyo, Hong Kong to New York, Munich and Singapore, the ultra rich and powerful come together to participate in one of the biggest hidden scams of the late eighties!

Victor Peters had a simple plan: how to make a quick buck, but little did he know that from a figment of his imagination that might never have seen the light of day, his brain child was going to blossom and change the lives of untold and unsuspecting millions of people in the land of the Rising Sun, Europe and the US!

People of all race, creed and Social levels, unite! Its your only chance against a ruthless International Conspiracy whose members are participating in the new International pass time: quick in, quick out, minimum exposure, maximum rewards! Collateral damage? Costs? Human Lives? WHO CARES!

This is a story of greed, politics, money and its absolute power. This is a story of how absolute power corrupts and how living without it is nefarious for your health!

Welcome to the World of shady Swiss banking, international intrigue, wheeling and dealing at the highest level with profit as the only aim! Or is it?
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