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This book contains several short stories about the simple, innocent romance between a boy and a girl that reflects a much simpler time. A time when just holding hands and giving that certain boy or girl a special look gave you huge butterflies in your stomach and that breathless feeling of excitement and wonderment of, “Does he like me? I mean REALLY like me?” or “Man I hope that look means she likes me, a lot!” These stories are about a young man not afraid to stand up for his lady and willing to risk his own safety to rescue her. I believe a “real” man is NOT afraid to cry and in my stories when someone’s heart is breaking he is not afraid to show his true feelings. So grab the tissues, find a comfortable place to sit, pick up this book and be prepared to get lost in a world of good, old fashioned romance. Happy reading!
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ISBN: 9781440183614
List price: $6.00
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