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“The Ethan Sparks Adventure books are fun, engaging stories for young readers. They are wild rides to some of the greatest sites of archaeology!”
—Dr.Gary Stickel, “The real-life Indiana Jones”(London Times)
On assignment for The Young Explorer magazine, Ethan Sparks is in Mexico to cover his dad’s Mayan fact-finding mission. Dr. Sparks and Dr. Castillo, two highly respected archaeologists, are going to unlock the secret of the Mayan Calendar. Is it a myth, or the truth? The world may never find out because the powerful Hastanista crime cartel has another plan. It’s a sinister plot that Ethan and his new spy partners, Anya and Jack, must risk their lives to uncover. Before they can reach Chichén Itza in the Yucatán, the mission takes the young spies from Mexico City to Palenque and then to a remote camp surrounded by howler monkeys in the Lancandón jungle. With no sophisticated spy equipment, the teens plan an operation using blowguns. Will a mysterious discovery deep in the rainforest hold the answer to the world’s fate? Is our time on Earth really scheduled to end?
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ISBN: 9781462069385
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Availability for March of the Mayans