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The Wintry Unraveling
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Dirouhi is Armenian for Dorothy. This is the lady who shared the childhood stories, which filled her life with happiness. Even in her twilight years, she still is filled with excitement when recalling how much fun Friday nights were, just because her neighbor spent time dramatically reciting various adventures to the children.

The ending novel is an unfolding of generations with twins, their loves and family ties, all created with Christian meaning. The life of Nina and Edward begin at a scene in the forest, where they are curious about lights, a scene that one day becomes a big part of their life. Visiting Rae and hearing her life and work in music is described so that the reader wishes they had been as creative and ingenious as she. A courageous journey to Russia develops into more unraveling of characters until the ending of the book, which is really just the beginning.
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The Wintry Unraveling

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