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In this bat-mad collection of twisted tales, Peter Hargitai lets out all the stops: he is irreverent, funny, and irresistible. Learn about the real Vlad the Impaler and his poor performance on the Hamilton Depression Scale due to Dracula wannabees like Béla Lugosi; goddesses pursuing shepherds hunkering after sheep; straight serpent-like creatures and gay super-heroes; tattooed dragon slayers, medieval shepherds whose lies tell the truth, talking cocks stalking Turkish emperors; an artistic lad who wants to be called André and join the Merchant Marine in land-locked Transylvania; a blind princess under the spell of an evil sorceress; a blood countess who wants to be forever young through a combination of Botox and an Iron Maiden. And one damsel who fulfills her impossible dream of becoming a king — after a sex-change operation in nearby Serbia.

Who Let the Bats Out? Twisted Tales from Transylvania, a hilarious tweaking of folk tales from the Hungarian oral tradition, will make you laugh out loud on every page. They are about fantastical beings as in the story of Hunor and Magor, twin hunters who come to earth like two falling stars, obsessed by the behind of a magical white hind. The elusive creature leads them to a meadow of beautiful moon maidens they are destined to marry were it not for their forbidding pre-nuptials...
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