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After the death of his father, a young Luke Dodge turns to the sea.
Luke hires onto the tuna fleet of San Diego, California. There, under the tough hand of Captain Tom, Luke learns what it means to face fear and challenges on the open ocean. Captain Tom's vessel, the 85-foot Giant serves as a proving ground where Luke meets his life-long friends, Dion and Josh. The friends compete fiercely when spear-fishing, fishing, lobster diving and surfing along the California and Baja coastline.
Luke's love of the sea is destroyed when the boat he is on is obliterated by a massive petroleum barge in the dead of night.
On a swashbuckling adventure to Haiti, Luke meets the love of his life, Dr. Nici.
But it is only when Luke learns that his beloved mother needs a heart operation, that he must face his fear of the sea and compete in the world championship spear-fishing meet with a grand prize of $200,000.
Everything hangs in the balance on Luke spearing a massive tuna using only a perfect paralyzing Stone Shot.
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