The 7 Lost Senses™
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Have you ever experienced an intuitive flash about a person or situation? Did you act on this feeling, or did you dismiss it because you felt it wasn’t tied to reality? In this guide, author Alain Jean-Baptiste posits that this “knowing” likely came to your lost seven senses, which are hidden beyond the familiar five: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell...

Explaining how humans gather information using the basic five senses, Alain details how the cultivation of these lost senses will assist you in unlocking your intuitive abilities and how to discover your psychic abilities:

• The Sense of Imagination links the physical and the nonphysical senses
• Learn the 5 tricks for restoring the Sense of Balance to its state of equilibrium
• Discover 3 ways in which The Sense of Life can help you attune yourself to someones life force
• Recognize the 7 voices of your soul by using your Sense of Voice to better understand yourself
• The sense of Movement can help you better distinguish patterns and trends more precisely
• The Sense of Warmth can help you strengthen your relationships
• The Sense of Substance enables your mind to access information about objects at a distance

In this guide, author Alain Jean-Baptiste uses personal experience, case studies, examples, and exercises to help you not only see, but imagine and live in a world in which communicating with the other side, seeing the future, establishing rapport more spontaneously with others, predicting economic trends, and bringing medicine to a whole new level can be a reality.
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