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Places, Towns, and Townships compiles essential information about places in the United States and the people who live in them. Data are presented for all incorporated places—from the largest village to the smallest city. This data will not be updated for several years, making this edition an invaluable resource in the years ahead.

This edition contains information on several topics including:

population housing income education employment crime and much more!
In addition to the tables, Places, Towns, and Townships includes text that describes key findings, figures that call attention to noteworthy trends in data, and rankings of the largest cities by various demographics. Places, Towns, and Townships is part of the County and City Extra Series along with County and City Extra and County and City Extra: Special Decennial Census Edition.

Some examples of data found in this edition of Places, Towns, and Townships include:

While about 18 percent of the population lived in the nation’s 75 largest cities, 38 percent lived in areas that were not incorporated as places in 2010
Among the 75 largest cities, Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco all have more than 73 percent of their residents in the 18-to-64 age group.
During the years 2006 through 2010, 12.7 percent of the residents of the United States were born in foreign countries. Some cities have larger immigrant populations than others. In 44 cities, most of them small cities and CDPs, more than half of the people are foreign-born. Many of these are in Florida, and Miami has the highest proportion of the 75 largest cities (58.1 percent), followed by Santa Ana, California (49.4) percent.
While 63.7 percent of Americans identified as White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, the 2010 census counted about 14,000 places where more than 95 percent of the residents were non-Hispanic White.
In the five-year period from 2006 through 2010, 64.5 percent of Americans age 16 and older were in the civilian labor force, and 7.9 percent of the labor force participants were unemployed.
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