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In Bethlehem Mary has identical twins: Jesus and Jesse. The boys grow up together, but their education and interests diverge. Whereas the upbringing of Jesus is centered on the synagogue, Jesse attends Roman schools and becomes devoted to the integration of the Hebrew nation into the Roman Empire. Accordingly, while Jesus becomes an itinerant preacher in Galilee and Judea, Jesse undertakes a voyage with a Roman friend, Marcellus, to Italy. There he works as a shipping clerk in the port city of Ostia and falls in love with Adriana, daughter of a wealthy local merchant. When the father learns of their affair, however, he demands that Jesse depart. The young man’s decision to do so is clinched by the accidental death of Marcellus in a chariot race.

Jesse’s return to Palestine is marred by a severe case of malaria, leaving him emaciated and enfeebled. His recovery is hastened by the loving ministrations of Mary Magdalene, with whom he establishes an intimate bond. Meanwhile, Jesse encounters his twin once more and becomes one of his followers, the thirteenth disciple. He is consequently present at the Last Supper, identified only as “the one whom Jesus loved.” Charged with being a radical dissident, Jesus is arrested, tried, and condemned to death under the regime of King Herod. The scene is thus set for the dramatic events of a crucifixion. Only, the executioners knew not what they were doing.
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