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Spiritual Confessions of an Agnostic

Length: 202 pages3 hours


For some, religious people who think and act irrationally can be confounding, while for others, unbelievers who don’t see the reality of God are just as baffling.

C. M. Blakeson, an agnostic who grew up living a fundamentalist lifestyle in Kansas, explores both perspectives in this candid memoir. From his initial journey to Jesus to his deepening belief in fundamentalist Pentecostalism, he explores how religion affected his thoughts on love and life.

With God rooted as such a reality for him, he never imagined he’d one day become an agnostic—or how happy he’d be to reach such nonreligious enlightenment. Now he seeks to battle misconceptions about agnosticism. Get the true definition of agnosticism, learn how to break free from spiritual bondage, and join Blakeson as he seeks to understand various religions.

If you’ve ever pondered what goes through the minds of fundamentalists, or if you’re a religious person who wonders why your best friend left the faith, Spiritual Confessions of an Agnostic seeks to help you find answers.

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