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Sandcastles on the Farm—Fighting for Hope

Length: 66 pages52 minutes


“I stand by a lighthouse by the sea and feel how deeply imbedded it is down into the earth. I imagine my body, firm and tall, despite the chaos around me, as the lighthouse withstanding the crashing wind and stormy seas. The light from the tower is radiating through me into the darkness, making me realize my job is to stand there for the light to pour out for others to navigate by it.”

A cancer survivor’s handbook addresses issues of after-treatment. This faith-filled story is an intriguing biography expressing strife and healing. The author enlightens the reader with her childhood experiences as a farmer’s daughter and her later life experiences as a wheat farmer and stockman’s wife. She tells her complete story of cancer diagnosis, the treatment, and how her faith held her body and mind together. She advocates helping others through education, encouragement, and faith.

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