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Spiritual Abuse (Part 1)

Length: 981 pages9 hours


Spiritual Abuse is a three part novel about two teenagers from two different families who are the victims of abuse. Teaming up to investigate their parents' pasts in order to learn the reasons for their parents' behavior, they discover shocking secrets that force them into a world of worse physical and mental dangers that they never imagined possible. Violence, sex, lies, drugs, kidnapping, murder and deception are but a few of the many obstacles that these two teens must deal with before reaching the goal of finding out what is going on. What they find is so shocking that nearly every second in this period of their lives ticks by with mystery. Each character in this novel is unique with a role to play in the intricate web of child abuse and relationships. Hopefully, this novel will arouse some to take action to finally eradicate all forms of abuse from the face of this planet forever.

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