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Color Confidence: The Digital Photographer's Guide to Color Management

Length: 274 pages6 hours


Color Confidence is a practical, results-oriented book that givesphotographers the knowledge they need to manage color effectivelyfrom capture to output. Digital imaging expert Tim Grey designedthis book for busy photographers who want to get results withoutwading through tons of information about colorscience—-distilling the most important concepts intoreal-world use. He teaches only the theory that photographers mustknow to understand how color management works, and focuses on thepractical information they need to make decisions when working withtheir images: the actual processes that achieve the best resultspossible.

In this new edition of the very first practical guide to colormanagement, readers will find out how to quickly get predictablecolor results across all devices--from cameras, monitors, andprinters, to scanners and raster image processors (RIPs). Updatedwith new information on Photoshop, RIP technology, and calibration,this results-oriented book is a must for all seriousphotographers.

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