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When Dian's father told her he was dying, there wasn't time for all the conversations they meant to have with one another. Their conversations for the rest of his days would have to cut through the small talk and hit the difficult topics they'd been avoiding for years. The authenticity they brought to those conversations had a profound impact on their relationship with each other, as well as those closest to Dian during her father's last seven days, and far beyond.

This book isn’t just about a daughter’s difficult relationship with her father and his death. It’s about exercising authenticity in the difficult conversations that can only strengthen the bond between a father and a daughter, and bring them both the peace they were longing for all along.

This book is for anyone who has experienced the loss of a parent, wants to repair a damaged parent/child relationship, or is looking for comfort and companionship through difficult conversations with loved ones at the end of their life cycle.
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