In this novel inspired by WUTHERING HEIGHTS, a small town bad boy forged by the fires of Afghanistan returns home, still burning with a romantic obsession nothing can quench. As the fog lifts one morning, a lone soldier is walking home. Who is he? The sleepy, gossipy tow of Hoosick Bridge, Vermont had forgotten him, but it will soon remember. He is Roy Murphy, returning to face his violent, complicated reputation as the bad boy from the “Park.” Returning to Emma Herrick, descendant of Hoosick’s Bridge’s first family, who occupies its grandest, now decaying, house: The Heights. Their intense and unlikely adolescent romance provided scandalous gossip for the town, especially after Emma’s father brought disgrace and tragedy to the family. The young lovers escaped Hoosick Bridge, but Emma remained Roy’s obsession long after they parted ways. Now Roy returns from Afghanistan a changed and extraordinary man who will stop at nothing to obtain a piece of the Herrick’s legacy. Learn more at
Published: Simon and Schuster on Feb 08, 2013
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