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Son of Blue Feather
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Garth Kingman is a hermit, has been for the past ten years and that's the way it is. Let them call him half-breed. That's what he is, isn't he, a half-breed spawned by a couple of drunks? But he'll show them. He'll show them a half-breed can own and run the model farm of the county. His life as a recluse shatters when hoodlums leave an elderly couple they have robbed, bound and gagged in front of Garth's farmhouse. He grudgingly offers the old couple haven for the night, not realizing Sarah and Henry Lomax will change his life forever. Jenny, a feisty young nurse, wants nothing but friendship from Garth as she bullies him into examing his values. Will Jenny wait until he recognizes his prejudice and accepts the future? As he experiences life and death, love and hate, courage and cowardice, he begins to see the life he desperately wants.
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