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A fun-filled summer with an old friend-that's what Cassandra Meredith expected. An adventure-filled nightmare was what she got. Cassie and her friend Vickie become involved when a suspicious car crash kills her brother-in-law, and puts her estranged sister into a coma. The would-be sleuths soon have a list of suspects who may have killed for money or revenge. The sudden appearance of a previously unknown Brazilian half-sister muddies the water, while a handsome detective from Cassie's past heats things up. After Cassie's sister changes her will on her death bed, people begin dying at a great rate. With twenty million dollars up for grabs, too many people have a motive for murder. The reading of the will uncovers a long-kept family secret, and precipitates several ingenious attempts on Cassie's life. When Vickie is almost raped, Cassie is almost kidnapped, and a crate of angry bees hidden in their car almost finishes them off, the friends know their time is running out. They have to sort out the murders and mayhem before becoming the "victims du jour".
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ISBN: 9780595829972
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