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Two men and one woman are stranded in the remote Canadian bush in the dead of winter. Hope for rescue by search planes is dwindling day by day. Hungry wolves are fast depleting the surrounding country of game. An abandoned trappers shack is providing shelter but they have no food. Survival of the injured husband and his very beautiful wife depends on the competence of their guide who is in fact an expert at winter survival and living off the land. But is he capable of acting in a positive way? His obsession for the woman has already caused him to set aside some personal ethics and invite disaster. What next? He knows very well that if they go hungry for long the injured husband will certainly die first. What then? Will the wife see him as her savior, or as a murderer? How will he see himself? What point is there in surviving the cold and the wolves if the law will be there waiting?
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ISBN: 9780595826995
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