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Lucid Dream is an allegory for recovery from great trauma through the power of God's love. The story is set in a war zone and the people suffer great loss and hardship. Yet their healing through prayer brings them to a place of even greater joy and understanding than they had known before. Lucid Dream addresses any form of personal or social trauma in this way. It is suitable to be read by families and as a sign of hope in dark times. In the story, two villages of people relate to each other in a survival and reconstruction process following a series of bombing attacks. The people in Lucid Dream rely on God's help to problem solve the many difficult situations they face. As they do so, they gain confidence in the Lord's love and support. They also begin to feel more and more love for one another. For these reasons, it is a beautiful discussion book for people of all ages.
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LUCID DREAM - Debra Porter

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