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The math is clear and simple. We have, at most, forty more years of living this self-serving lie before the combined forces of overpopulation and resource depletion expose Global Civilization for what it really is-an unsustainable mirage. We, the over-40, have timed it perfectly. The planet will run out of fresh, unpolluted water and nutrient-rich topsoil just as we are finishing our extended lives of abundance, greed, and gluttony. We have been waging a resource war against the generations behind us. And the good news is-we are winning! So far. But what if they learn the Truth? What if they find out that we have been stealing from them and deceiving them? What if Internet communication unifies them? And what if they live in a country where weapons are accessible and violence is glorified? History, too, is clear and simple. When conditions warrant, when the situation is sufficiently extreme, human beings are capable of-whatever it takes. They will not go quietly. Brace yourselves for the most deterministic generation since the Conquerors of World War II. The Heroes of the Seventh Crisis are coming. And they're pissed off.
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