Law enforcement struggles with the new realities of the post-9/11 world in the sleepy backwater that is Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Suddenly, international tensions explode in the U.P. from a completely unexpected quarter. Thus begins a trail of events that leads inevitably to disaster, as ancient prophecies are fulfilled and as family tragedies come full circle. Foreign agents introduce small nuclear devices into the Upper Peninsula in an attempt to retrieve one of their scientists, a physicist involved in cutting-edge technology, who has been kidnapped from his country and who is being held in a secret U.P. location. Two men, an FBI agent and a state police detective, are thrust into a battle between those who hold the scientist and those who pursue him, only to ultimately discover that both sides want him dead. In the end, the scientist's destiny lies not with these two men but with another, one who recalls ancient Ojibwa legends that are almost as old as the land itself.
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