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Define Yourself and Discover Your Destiny!
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Define Yourself And Discover Your Destiny!

Do you define your life, or does your life define you?

This book is about how to know yourself. It is about how to define who and what you are - in your own terms, from the inside out - and thereby discover your true destiny.

If your life's not working and you're not happy, or if you have found a comfort zone but you know there has to be more, then it is time to consider Defining. In fact, if your life is less than ideal on all levels, you can't afford not to Define!

It is never too late to Define, and anyone can do it. Most of us are sleep-walking, stuck in the nightmare of a Victim mentality. The life most of us live is not True Reality (Oneness); it is the dream of separation and thus of suffering. Our one job in this lifetime is to wake up! In this book, as JoAnn Janson shares the Life Cycles, Purification System and Daily Action Plan that constitute her Defining Process, she shows you how to do just that.

This is the most important work you will ever do. Only you know if you are ready to meet the ultimate challenge.
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ISBN: 9781466978270
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