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If I had been alone, I may have kept up my hopes after what she said. She did say a lot of nice things about me. She said she liked being with me, said how sweet I was, said she liked that I was so patient with her. But he shook me back into reality. He said that while he was sure she meant all those things, she was just letting me down gently. Fact was, I'd heard it all before. History was repeating itself. It was, as Yogi Berra put it so eloquently, 'dèjá vu all over again'.

Rarely has a book explored so intimately the deep feelings and emotions experienced by a guy looking for love. Based on a true story, this serious comedy highlights the author's Charlie Brown-like experiences with life and relationships. Through his interactions with nine different girls-eight of whom give him the dreaded "just friends" speech-Williams learns the ups and downs of love.

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