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Poetry About Reckless Driving Donald Rumsfeld Cheeseburgers
Demons Nanobiomechanics Chainsaws Condi Rice Scrotum
Napoleon Bob Dole Swiss Army Knives Winos Bananas
a One-Eyed Horse Held in an Alley by a Man Named Peanut
Translunar Insertion the Grey Ghost the Loch Ness Monster
Foghorn Leghorn Elvis's Leg Sneffels Crater
Abraham Lincoln and much, much more!

Yes, this is manly poetry written by a man for men.
Yes, finally, a book of poetry you can take hunting, fishing,
or to the ol' ballgame.

Make new friends with this book.
Read these poems aloud in men's rooms everywhere.
Buy a copy for your boss, if he's a man.
Give a copy to your son (or, hopefully, sons) as eternal keepsakes.
Need a new thing to put your cold beers on?
Because your wife says you're ruining the end tables?
Put your beer on this book. It absorbs beer, sweat, blood
(Just about anything, except herbal tea).
Yes, some of these poems are hot and sexy, so your wife or lady friend
might like this book, too, if you know what I mean.

Be a man. I dare you. Buy this book. It will change your life.
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Push Bush

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