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The image of the travelling American gringo is stereotyped as the pot-bellied tourist bedecked in a Hawaiian t-shirt hanging around a beachfront resort mastering the ubiquitous phrase “Una cerveza por favor.” Short Straws doesn’t denigrate itself to that base level. After all, the author couldn’t afford resort rates. Instead, he hoofed around Central America for six months living out of his backpack.

Short Straws is a collection of 84 off-the-cuff vignettes from off-the-beaten path. Restricted to a modestly self-imposed $25 daily budget, in keeping with the author’s own frugal lifestyle, the reader is drawn into the Developing World status of this region while being engaged with oft-unpolitically correct insights and observations.

Through the continuous use of humour, self-righteousness and colourful language, traits of the know-it-all gringo, when reading between the lines the author is frequently the master of his own misfortunes when struggling to adapt to the challenges of Central American travel. Whether it’s almost carelessly missing his travel connections, encounters with the authorities or perilously bathing in insect-infected waters, readers will shake their heads wondering not just how could the author have enjoyed his odyssey but, more importantly, how was he fortunate enough to have escaped unscathed?
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ISBN: 9781426992070
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