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Aging actress Wynonna Bertrand is well-known among the entertainment elite as someone not to cross in business—or in bed. Known for her evil temper and total disregard for anyone else but herself, Wynonna still thinks she is the hottest property in Hollywood. But as she boards Trans County Airways Flight 19 from New York to Los Angeles, no one knows that Wynonna is hiding a dark secret.

Already in a foul mood before the plane takes off, Wynonna unhappily settles into her seat in first class with the intent of drowning her troubles in Scotch. On board with her is an eclectic group of passengers, including Paul Danielson, a drop-dead gorgeous New Yorker with a look that could set Hollywood on fire; Craig Lewis, a talent scout who is always on the search for a new recruit; Thelma and Millicent, longtime friends who are headed to California for a girl’s getaway; and Norman and Katherine Great, seemingly quiet airplane virgins who are about to reveal a completely different side.

To make matters worse, just as the already-eventful flight is winding down, a first-class crew member discovers Wynonna’s lifeless body.

In this humorous drama, all the passengers of Flight 19 suddenly become murder suspects as a famed actress’s past comes back to haunt her.
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