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Around the World in a Cement Boat
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Cheryl's Dad had a crazy plan. He wanted to build a cement boat and take the entire family, including a newborn, on a voyage around the world. They would leave their home on the eastern coast of Australia, sail to India, around Africa, and over to the United States where they spend a few months visiting relatives before returning through the Panama Canal to their home. But the crew, a lousy engine, foul weather, and other perils of the sea jeopardize the voyage.

Will they survive a cyclone at sea? Or an oncoming oil tanker? Will Pierre-Paul, the bully of the crew, destroy everything on board? How will Cheryl go to school? Will they have enough food and water? Can they avoid pirates? Will they make it back to AustraliaExperience the adventure as they explore a deserted island, escape a harbor at midnight, resort to eating peanut butter and onion sandwiches, and much more.

"Around the World in a Cement Boat" is a true story of adventure on the high seas told by one who lived the adventure.
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Around the World in a Cement Boat

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