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The Matriarch and the Magic
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Things are changing in en’Edlia’s palace on the world of Irth. High Patriarch Brokt has just died, leaving his wife, Narrian, a heartbroken widow, and his realm tumbling into political upheaval. Twelve-year-old Nizza is more than thrilled that her eldest brother, Crown Patriarch Merrick, is returning home to claim the throne after spending five years on the portal world of Earth with Krystin, his off-world wife, and their twin daughters. But there is only one problem: there has never been an off-worlder in the ruling family in the history of en’Edlia.

Although Krystin arrives on Irth amid cheering crowds, she soon discovers that she is not welcomed by some, simply because she does not possess magical powers. Feeling lost and threatened in her new strange world, Krystin turns to Nizza for companionship. The two young women soon find plenty of adventure and trouble that include a violent sea voyage, civil uprisings, and a greedy king as Krystin must confront all who do not accept her or her new role on Irth.
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ISBN: 9781475973709
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