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Too Good To Be True?
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The story revolves around a boy named Jesse McHayden, who was adopted by a rich family at the age of 8. He grew up with an older sister in the hands of McHayden’s Help, Vanya. As Jesse grew up, he had it all; the immeasurable wealth and such unfairly enticing looks. Though, the one thing he wanted most was out of his grasp…Evelyn. Her gregarious and perky personality drew Jesse towards her like a bee draws to a brightly-colored and sweetly scented flower.

However, all these years, Jesse has been unknowingly nurturing a dark past in his memory, one that’s slowly taking over his sanity and life. The voices in his head, try to help him uncover these forgotten memories as he continually denies them. But would he ever understand that the only way forward is to go back?
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Too Good To Be True? - Sitwat Hashmi

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