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After the 9/11, controversy has stirred when news broke that the U.S. military was conducting a “War on Terror” initiative. Many American civilians and civic groups have relentlessly expressed their disdain against sending American soldiers to Afghanistan to participate in a war. Nonetheless, despite these protests, off-shore military operations still continue. What many Americans need to understand is why these kinds of agendas are necessary. MY TRUTH FROM THE TOP offers perspective on the necessity of taking the war outside the borders of America in order to protect the American people. Created by author Sergeant Major Patrick Durr, this book takes readers to an up-close and personal glimpse into the daily battles of American soldiers stationed halfway across the globe.
Through the one-year’s worth of daily notes and writings of the author, readers can learn to appreciate what the American soldiers in Afghanistan are doing in order to preserve the peace and freedom of their homeland. Citing the amount of sacrifice they have endured in order to bring the war outside and away from the gates of America, this book reveals the real-life situations and compelling truths that describe what it is really like to defend one’s own country. With illustrations, letters, communications and narratives, this work highlights the events that have been obscured from the knowledge of many Americans.
Insightful and informative, MY TRUTH FROM THE TOP is a groundbreaking book that provides understanding, learning and growth. Engaging, it leads people out of the confines of ignorance about what really goes on in the world, beyond the comforts of their civilized societies. It educates Americans on the streets about what their government leaders, politicians and military forces know.
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