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Up From Incarceration is a series of straightforward no nonsense examinations concerning the struggles and growing pains of finding oneself as well as their place in society. Volume I: Dispelling Myths of the Thug Life offers an in-depth look at the misperceptions of adulthood and manhood by today’s young adults while providing insight into understanding their delinquent or criminal behavior. Written as a memoir, Dixon utilizes his life experiences as examples for lessons concerning maturity, spiritual awareness, and socialization.
Dixon is candid about his life’s mistakes. He openly discusses the trials and tribulations caused by his own actions. For Dixon, incarceration was “a nightmare, blessing, and learning experience all rolled up into one”. Volume one enlightens readers to these life’s lessons while also shedding light on the myths that have fostered the creation of the “Thug Life”.
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Up From Incarceration

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