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Anybody can learn anything. We are highly intelligent creatures that when faced with a challenge, in most cases can figure out a solution. So why do so many people fail while possessing the know-how and knowledge to succeed? The answer is within possessing the right philosophy. Without the right philosophy, even a genius¡¦s chances of success are very limited. With the right philosophy, you literally take the limits off your life. Possessing the right philosophy will immediately change your health, finances, and relationships. This book will infuse you with the right philosophies to win at your own life every day. You will discover that you have the power to break limits, barriers, and obstacles that you thought you could never surpass.

Ambition offers fifteen chapters divided into five sections¡Xall designed to change your own personal philosophy for a better life.

„F „F Live and not Tolerate
„F „F Another Chance is Given Every Day
„F „F Think Independently
„F „F What Moves You Forward
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