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All of my poems actually do come from the heart. Each one has its own little story behind it. The ones that talk about a man who was tragically killed in a car accident was my fiance. We got engaged in Dec.1976 and planned our wedding for June 18, 1977. He was killed on Valentine's Day but not discovered until the next day. The baby that was given up for adoption was my son whom I had searched for 35 years. We were reunited last year when he was able to make more progress with the system than I could. We have a beautiful relationship and I have a daughter-in-law and three more grandchildren. The abusive relationship that I was in came from the man I was married to and fathered two boys. He wasn't bad till the boys were born. I couldn't take anymore when he started to attack the boys and we left. The cover of the book reminds me of my mom and dad. Moms' name was Rose and dad liked to watch the birds in the yard. Hence, the flowers and the birds. They have since passed. So you see, each poem has a special memory for me. I put a lot of feeling in my poems. I just feel so honored to be able to express these feelings in poetic form. I hope the readers will take these to heart and feel the moment. Some of them can also give them advice. If you are in a bad relationship and it also involves children, then they need to get out before something really drastic happens. We have enough violence in this world today. People need to think about what they are doing and who they are doing it to.
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