A quick look of lust, a touch of the hand transferring sexual energy, someone standing behind you and you feel them as if you know how they would feel inside of you. All of these things if acted upon can turn into what I call Sudden E-Rotic Culminations. I began writing stories for fun at first and the more I did it the more it became the book that you are about to read. The stories that you are about to read are raw and unedited by a so called professional but written from the mind of me to the paper that you will see. I hope it gives you the feeling that I felt when I was writing it. I had so many thoughts in my mind and felt so many things it was crazy. I put myself in the situations as if it were me. I seen myself on the train in Chicago, I felt the sand on my feet when I wrote about the beach. I had seen myself on top of the woman, who was on top of the box in the backroom in the store. I hope your palms get sweaty, your mind wonders about your culminations and that if you are married it makes you want to make love to your woman or man. No matter where you are or who you are around.
If you are in a strange place, on the beach, in your apartment, or in your house, don’t let it stop you from feeling the pleasure that your mind wonders about.
I am not telling you to be promiscuous or loose but I will say if the urge hits you, do it, and feel it.
Don’t let that stop you from having a sudden erotic culmination.

Enjoy and look for more to come.
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