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. . . she twisted around in her seat to examine the cargo of weaponry in the hold behind their seats. There, the sword in its scabbard stuck up incongruously between electronic projectors.
Looking at the sword in its unfamiliar context, she under¬stood something about herself. She had been one person as a captive of the Indians, another as a sacrificial victim of the bird-people; in some strange way she had been hypnotized by the dragger, and she had been momentarily transformed by her bondage to Jones, but now she was herself again. Her interest in sword and horse had been only unconscious efforts to sustain the person she was. She was technological woman. Her identity was complet¬ed through the operation of electronic equipment, and without that equipment, she was a fragment of herself, a captive, a vic¬tim, a lover, but not an expression of force. She had been happy for a short time in Jones’s love of her, but now, more important than happiness, she was elated with power.
She was as strong as any male of any tribe or nation in the round world—and she could do whatever she wished. As she stared at the jumble of weaponry, she came, with widening eyes, to per¬ceive herself for the first time in a very large context: she saw herself for the first time in history, and a sense of profound sadness overcame her as she understood that she was lost now forever to both tribe and city-state.
“Perhaps I have not changed,” she said. “I have simply reverted.”
“Reverted?” Carmen repeated. She was looking at the dark forest unrolling beneath them.
“I reverted to the person I was, an ancestor of mine per¬haps, and now I have reverted to the person I was before.”
Carmen’s face twisted with a forced smile. “I am glad that you are.” She caressed a calibrated knob on the meter board.
“The person that I am can move things.”
“Yes, you will soon have to.”
“Without technology, there could be no hope for the female of the species.”

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