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Betty Jane Kimpton, 84 years of age, is a person who enjoys making humor out of most situations and finds any subject to be a topic on which to pen a poem. Any word or subject is bait for one so apt to write poetry. Quoting her, “There is so much to live for, to be thankful for and we should look for happiness in most situations and to spend as much time as we can with laughter our goal. Too many look on the dark side of life and the many ailments that come in our senior years.” Her past vocations have been that of a grade school student writing poetry, a high school student writing drama that was acted out there, composing both poetry and music throughout the years, a nurse, a wife and mother of three sons, a secretary, a “you name it” as she calls it. Presently, she calls herself a Household Executive!

DOODLING while DAWDLING is a book of poems written about commonplace occurrences or places, endeavors and desires of happenings in the language as we speak it today. While DOODLING, one may scribble aimlessly, especially when preoccupied or does so to kill time in a daydreaming manner. DAWDLING suggests that what one does takes more time than necessary and time is wasted by doing such in a lazy, slow manner. The poems have been written in such a manner as to incite a rendition of simple ways to express profound meanings of common, everyday situations.
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