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Simmon Tree Bottom was the town of Kinsale’s best
kept secret. No one in that small Virginia town knew
its historic value. No one knew why this place was so
horrid. No one really cared either. Nonetheless, the
ones who happened to stumble upon this place would
never forget it. After writing a best-selling novel about
the family that lived in this place called Simmon Tree
Bottom, Lizzy found herself dead center in the legend that lay beneath
Kinsale’s mysterious persimmon tree. It seemed that all hell was breaking
loose, and Lizzy realized that this small, insignifi cant place was not so
obscure, at least not to those who dwelled beneath it. There seemed to be a
connection that tied it all together. Lizzy introduced the world to Simmon
Tree Bottom and now Simmon Tree Bottom was introducing her and the
rest of the world to the “Trilok.”
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